Salesforce in the UAE: How It Changes Everything

One thing that is very clear to any company that is seeking to transform its sales process is that there are many companies that are revolutionizing the way that they are able to communicate with their sales people as well as the visibility that they have into the process.

What that means is that there is a new level of communication as well as interaction with customers in a way that has never been possible before by allowing there to be an automated and funneled process that has increased the communication with the customer on a real basis.

One of these companies is Dubai Multi Commodities Center which was looking to improve its customer service by around 42%. This was something that was very easy and meant that it was possible for the company to be able to process the requests of the customers in a much faster way. The company after implementing Salesforce has seen a huge ROI which means that there has been a boost from 1%-40% in the increase.

The largest area of concern that has been a part of this process has come from the fact that there is a free zone of authority that needs to be able to operate with many of the areas in Dubai. The zone that is there is there for the use of the services of the international zone and that means that there needs to be a way for there to be an area of applications as well as open office space. This was a real challenge for DMCC that was using the power of the cloud to ensure that they are able to use many different systems. One of the main benefits of the cloud was that it was able to ensure that there was going to be an option that would allow for many of the different users to have access to the system all at once.

Salesforce quickly became the driving system that was available to ensure that there was going to be a central focal point for everything that needed to be done. That meant that this was going to be a location that was available for both the front-end processes as well as the backend processes and that there was a centralized hub for all of the information that was flowing through it.

Before the implementation of Salesforce there was a need to make sure that there was going to be many different solutions that would allow for the cross-referencing of the options as well as to make sure that there was a cross-referencing that was happening on all of the platforms that was taking a very long time. What that meant was that there was a need to make certain that there was going to be a platform and a place for all of the sales and all of the content to be recorded on a regular basis. It was pivotal for the company to be able to look at time savings as an instant ROI.

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