Facebook and Google Vs. Everyone Else

When it comes to the way that companies are advertising, many of them have finally decided that it is time to shift their budgets towards the internet. This is the trend at Google and Facebook but the budget for all other companies is shrinking.

The numbers are quite impressive. When you look at Google there has been a 22% growth over the long term which accounted for over 67% of all of the ad revenue out there while Facebook grew around 67% over the last year and it accounts for around 43% of the entire market. What that means is that there is around 103% of the total market and that the rest of all others shrank in their imprint on digital marketing.

These kinds of statistics are perfect for investors of Google and Facebook and they are things that strike fear into the hearts of others. The collective investment is 85% of the market which really scares many people. What that means for those who are working to become the heads of tech companies is that there are many who are fearing the imprint that can happen from the overlap of the lack of digital marketing.

Consumers and the Changing Industry

One thing has become painfully clear in the past few years and that is that the way that people reach out to customers has become much more personal. What that means is that companies have to make sure that they have a personal connection to be able to interact with their customers. More and more companies are seeking metadata to ensure that they are able to communicate as well as to have access to the best options for customers.

What much of this means for new tactics is that they have not been effective in the past when looking at the patterns of the way that people spend money. That means that it is very important to ensure that there is long-term growth with the dollars and the strategies that are employed by the companies. One thing that has also changed is the way that people communicate and use Wi-Fi. It used to be that it was difficult for people to be able to have access to access. However, it is no longer the case as there is public Wi-Fi available everywhere. What that means is that people are able to have the best choices for communicating as well as for interacting with their devices.

People are now going mobile with all of their communications and also with their shop advertising. What this means in the long term is that there are many other ways that people are seeing content and they are buying right at the moment and are making decisions on who they want to do business with. When it comes to new mobile means of payment as well there are many ways that consumers are also able to make decisions and pay without having to whip out a credit card for the deed.

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