Why You Should Be Excited About the 2020 World Expo

Dubai is the number one place to live in the world and there is a reason for that. Considering the position in the market there is no better way to ensure that there is going to be a huge amount of growth in the area of the economy in every sector that is out there.

One thing that has remained constant and stable is the fact that for the last 20 years there has been a stable progression towards a very custom and specific development of many state of the art things in the area such as many ports, airstrips, and hotels. There is a very solid infrastructure that has made the city a location that can bounce back from anything and that means that it has seen a growth of around 4-4.5% per year for the last decade and has come back from many recessions which hit the world globally in 2008 and 2009.

Just when looking at the internet alone the numbers are in one word staggering. What that means is that there has been an explosion in the traffic that is happening in the area. Right now, there are around 19.1 trillion dollars that are coming into the economy and there are over 3 billion mobile devices that are coming through Dubai. What that also means is that there is going to be even more connectedness that is making itself known in the area and the changes are really leading the charge to a huge amount of productivity as well as also change the way that all of the content is handled and the ways that people are able to connect. What that means is that there is an entirely new focus that is a part of the agenda that needs to be looked at and that means SMS marketing, digital marketing and e-commerce and the ways that all of these changes with users going mobile is going to revolutionize and change the entire market for good.

Why Companies Are investing in Mobile Marketing Now

When it comes to the UAE, the country is the highest number of mobile devices and what that means is that there is a huge amount con consumer electronics penetration and that there is no way that people can live without their devices. This also means that there is a huge investment that is coming from the government to make sure that there are mobile devices for their staff. Looking back at the devices it is somewhere in the range of 200 million dollars that has been invested to ensure that there are great use and acceptance by the government and to support daily use and functions.

Dubai is a tech hungry city and is seeking to make sure that they are constantly outstripping the pace of the needs of their users which means that it is extremely important to have access to the best devices and to the needs of the government as well as business nailed. What better way to be able to reach all users?

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