The Winner Take All Economy

It is very clear that the rich are getting richer and richer and what that means is that to the victor go the spoils. There was recently a report that was commissioned by RBC Wealth Management that took a hard look at the trends that are happening and how things are unfolding all over the world. One thing that was very clear is that there is a pattern with a huge number of people who have money to invest. When looking at the numbers from 2011 to 2012 there was an increase of over 8.2% of people who had more than a million dollars to invest.

What is becoming very clear is that the wealth of this group that has so much to invest is also reaching a new level and pinnacle of wealth. Right now, that means that this group has an investment amount of around 46.2 trillion dollars this is a rise of over 10% in the previous year. What that also means is that the people who are a part of this group are growing very rich very quickly and they are also looking at the assets that they have and finding new ways to invest them. What that means is that over 11% of these people are millionaires and that they account for over 35.2% of the world’s wealth together.

Many people wonder where this is coming from and how it is possible. When looking at the way that this all pans out you will see that there are many forces that drive the economy to ensure that there are many who are super rich. What this means is that there are many who have a new level of wealth as well as that there are many who are in the middle class who live in an increased level of stress. There are many lucky and there are much talented and they are doing far better than the majority of people out there.

When you look at the way that an entrepreneur looks at a situation you will see that there are many other new business people that are out there that create an amazing new product. When there are things that hit the market like Harry Potter, the iPod or many other solutions everyone wants it. The exchange is voluntary and that means that there are many people who are able to be much richer and better to do than the rest of the world. It is the job of the entrepreneur to make sure that he or she knows how to market their product and to really hit home in the long term for wealth. What that means as well for the regular person is that they are not able to have the same kind of life that they would have had as a member of the middle class even 20 years before. There are many ways to ensure that there will be a comfortable new economy but it requires innovation.

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